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Living Wills in New York

New York Estate Planning Attorney

A living will is a legal document that states your instructions and choices regarding medical treatment. When accompanied with a health care proxy, the two legal documents can work together to provide advance directives for your health care. A living will specifically states your wishes for or against certain medical treatments, and the legal document allows your trusted agent determined in your health care proxy to act in a way that you would have desired.

Although neither living wills nor health care proxies are required for an estate plan, it is very wise to consider both of these tools. Health care physicians and providers are required by law to act in a way that helps clients avoid undue pain or suffering. In some circumstances; however, your personal wishes or beliefs may be compromised if a doctor acts in a way that you would not have wished. Our New York estate planning lawyers work diligently to help you avoid dilemmas concerning your future health care needs.

Components of a Living Will

If a physician or other health care provider who is responsible for your care determines that you cannot make your own decisions due to disability, incapacity or some other reason, your health care proxy must follow the instructions that are reflected in your living will. Your living will can state your commitment to your medical treatment wishes, including how you would or would not like to be treated.

A living will can state your desire or refusal regarding the following forms of treatment:

  • Transplantation
  • Do not resuscitate (DNR) orders
  • Antibiotic treatment
  • Electric shock therapy
  • Abortion or sterilization
  • Organ or tissue donation
  • Artificial nutrition or hydration treatment
  • Blood transfusion or other blood products
  • Maximum pain relief, even if it may hasten death
  • Invasive treatment that may result in prolonging life

Assisting Clients in New York, New Jersey & Connecticut

Appointing an agent through a health care proxy and establishing your health care desires through a living will can give your family the peace of mind that they need. Outlining your personal wishes may lessen feelings of guilt for others, especially in situations involving life-support or DNR orders. We know that this subject matter will be tough to deal with, but Korsinsky & Klein, LLP's caring attorneys will walk you through the process carefully and address your concerns compassionately. Contact Korsinsky & Klein, LLP to speak with a helpful member of our team today! We serve clients in New York, as well as in the states of New Jersey and Connecticut.